​​​​California Teddy Bear Shichons 

Some things required of a Guardian home:

Live within reasonable driving distance of Chico.
Have a fully secured fenced yard.
Have no other intact dogs of the opposite sex in the home.
Provide socialization and basic obedience at home or from obedience classes.
Understand the issues and responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog.
Have a willingness to return the dog to us during breeding and whelping at the necessary timing.
Agree to regular health and veterinary care and keep vaccinations current.
Communicate freely with us about the health and condition of the dog.
Take frequent photos and updates of the dog to keep our website up to date.
Provide regular exercise, don't overfeed, and maintain a healthy weight.
Some things required of a Guardian home:

What does it mean to be a Guardian Family?

A Guardian receives a  breeding puppy to become a member of their family. 
At eight weeks of age, a puppy will be sent home to an approved guardian family. 
There is no charge for the puppy. 
In exchange, the family agrees to follow the conditions as written in the Guardian Family Contract while it is in our breeding program. 
When the dog is retired from breeding, the dog would be spayed/neutered and  ownership is transferred to the Guardian family. 
The dog remains with its family to continue her life with them.

If your interested in being a guardian home please contact us

We will pay for all yearly check ups & vaccines until she is retired. She will have up to 4 litters, depending on pregnancy, delivery &  caring for her pups. She will never be bred more than 4x's. Once she  isretired from the breeding program we will pay for her to be spayed by our vet.  You will receive monetary compensation from each litter.